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Cooter Melodic punk rock with a PMA
Kill Your Idols Hardcore from Long Island, true and straight to the point
H2O New York's Finest
Nobodys Heroes (914) Ska music with a hardcore mindset
Know Talent (914) one of the best ska bands to ever come out of westchester
Reach The Sky Emotionally driven hardcore
Double Standard aggressive and talented ska band
Pull 130 imagine good riddance and pennywise getting into a fight and gorilla biscuits breaking it up
Morgan Storm (914) amazing all girl band with very poetic and meanfully songs
The Wage Of Sin All Girl Hardcore Band featuring melissa from Pirate Radio and Rachel of Most Precious Blood and Indecision
Bombs Away (914) Bringing hardcore back to its roots with that youth crew edge
Awkward Thought (914) Great punk/hardcore band from NY
Next II Nothing ever see a guitar player wearing nothing but matching underwear and shoes?
One Last Shot (914) incredible talent combining with unforgetable sing alongs
Larsen (914) straight up punk with a pop here and there
Killsport (914) the best metal ever...simply great >The Sawtooth Grin (914) "As my longing for you penetrates the cracks within my heart. Every tear that escapes my forgotten face has your name engraved, and I pray to see the face that is as bright as my heart when you are near me." - The Sawtooth Grin
Ambition Free a great new band from the 914 underground...definitly check these guys out soon
Go Real Slow power pop punk from Trenton. "A must see!" E-zine
When Dreams Die get you sweater...these guys gave rob a scar above his eye
Now or Never hard indie rock with a punk/hardcore influence
Dependent our new friends from holland that play their own unique style and sound. Nothing like you ever heard before. They play the ultimate mix of punkrock, emo and hardcore.
Creatures of Habit 3 Piece Pop/Punk band from Freehold, NJ


Victory Records Shutdown, Grey Area, Reach the Sky, Thrusday, Warzone..etc
Revelation Records Youth of today, in my eyes, gorilla biscuits, by a thread..etc
Go Kart Records Anti Flag, Vision of Disorder, Lunachicks, pinkerton thugs...etc/A>
Fastmusic Label Cooter, Luckie Strike, Under the Gun, Sidecar...etc
Equal Vision Saves the Day, Converge, the stryder, bane, one king down...etc
Fueled By Ramen Records Pollen, Jersey, Slick Shoes..etc
Epitaph Records NOFX, Pennywise, H20, Dropkick Murphys, Millencolin...etc
Under Your Bed Records Gone Tomorrow, Life Goes On, Payday...etc

Punk Sites and Photographers

The Bronx Undergorund Scene Promotors in NYC
The Ultimate Punk Guitar Archieve Great place to get punk news and guitiar tabs
East Side Mag great online zine
Caitie Bezede imagine a really hot girl who takes pics
Orange County Punk Check out whats going down in Orange County NY


Brian Deneke Learn about who Brain Deneke was and why he was killed
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