914 Productions

(914) Productions:

(914) Productions started in 1998 after two seperate band had broken up: The Showoffs and XseditionX two members of those bands became really good friends, chris from the showoffs and rob from XseditionX. they met at a show and quickly became good friends. they decided that westchester had alot of bands but no places to play. Soon all types of punk, hardcore, emo, ska and metal bands started to really rise up. THEY NEEDED APLACE TO PLAY, so rob started booking shows at his high school and chris at a local church...they decided to join together but never came up with a name until almost a year later after the death of a friend. they also decided to not just stop there...so they decided lets do promotion for our friends bands and try to bring back the youthful spirit of this scene. In January of 2000 they held the first (914) show in history with their friends Cooter, All Ties Severed, Nobody's Heroes, Bombs Away and In Defense (now called Morgan Storm)...they have gone on to book alot of bands like When Dreams Die and Next II Nothing. Let us tell you about the name: for those of you that might know it used to be popular that youth crews would tag the walls with their area codes so the name (914) came from the Westchester Youth Crew. when their dear friend Timothy Pascale (co founder of the WYC) died in the summer of 1999 they used the name as a memorial and have been trying to book a great show in his name since but have fallen short due to the venues they have delt with, if you can help in anyway with this show please email them..."we won't forget" Today 914 is still booking shows when they have the time and money...which doesnt happen often b/c of college and work but is fully dedicated to promotioning the best of what New York has to offer..so drop them a line if u can - "Their is so much more to this then a slogan on a shirt"- Ensign Thanks alot, 914 and crew


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